The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018 at the end of the current week will as usual attract plenty of business jets to the Russian city. With the expected parking congestion and seeing that the Latvian capital is located only 45 minutes flight time away, Capital Handling Riga expects an increased amount of technical flights seeking parking arrangements. Riga has also been praised in the past for a vast amount of affordable premium hotel venues, popular among crews and passengers alike. Roman Krupjanko, Business Development Director at Capital Handling stated: “Parking availability in Riga is usually very good, so the operators understand that we can be a convenient alternative when it gets crowded elsewhere. This will also be the case during the World Cup, we have already started to receive requests for that period as well.”.

Shortly after and to finish the month of May, the teams of Capital Handling and ClearWay Operations head out to the premier business aviation exhibition in Geneva, EBACE 2018. Both companies will be hosting guests and partners together at the event, at Booth F71, Hall 5. ClearWay Operations CEO Mihail Chebachev, exhibiting for the second time in Geneva, mentioned: “EBACE will be a couple of busy days and a great opportunity to meet with the people we have been working with over the past months. We look forward to it and the new business that hopefully comes after too!”.

After the frenzy at EBACE, another event in Russia will impact Business Aviation in Europe and consequently Riga Airport. Airport infrastructures in Russia have been updated and improved to handle the incoming traffic during the World Cup 2018, however, parking availability will be limited and operators are expected to look for alternatives in and out of the country. Similar to St. Petersburg, Moscow is approximately 1h flight time away from Riga and can be easily reached from the Russian capital. Open 24/7 and with access unrestricted by slots or permits, the main airport of Latvia is a perfect fit for the needs of operators during the tournament.

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