Capital Handling has become the main sponsor of this special issue, an unusual and original book divergent from other guides, offering a new style and opening readers’ eyes to a different view of our beloved city of Riga.

Ever since the time of the Hanseatic League, Riga has maintained the status of a major regional financial and business center. Over the centuries, the city has attracted people from all over the world with its unique combination of the ancient and the modern, diverse cultures and influences, thereby creating a unique atmosphere that can still be felt today in every stroll through its picturesque streets.

The business aviation complex managed by our company is as original and unique as the city itself. Our terminal for business aviation passengers is the first private terminal in the Baltic States, and our clients greatly appreciate its facilities. We respect, understand and value our customers who work and live in different corners of our planet. When providing services to our esteemed clients and developing our company, we successfully combine and apply our knowledge of both the East and the West, because, like it was eight centuries ago, Riga’s modern vocation is influenced by being located at the intersection of important and traditional trade routes.

Capital Handling always makes the effort to match the status of our city, whose name is not simply a decoration on our name and logo. We feel responsible to represent our city in every interaction and understand this as a great responsibility, one that we gladly embrace. And even while we conduct our business, there must always remain space for creativity, for soul and heart, for the beauty we aim to create. For this reason, we have supported a number of charitable programs over the past several years. For example, this year we will be acting as the main sponsor and organizer of the Baltic Business Aviation Forum, the biggest event in the Baltics for business aviation. We also hope that Another Travel Guide Riga will not only be a wonderful guide for our partners and guests to our remarkable European city of Riga, but will also be a reliable, worthwhile and innovative guide for the people of Riga themselves – because this city never ceases to amaze!

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